is to manufacture and commercialize films and plastic bags, starting from high and low-density polyethylene as main raw material.

With this quality and environmentally friendly policy (in accordance with ISO9001 and 14001 norms) we intend to manage our work in such a way that we guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and we offer them the highest quality levels, both in our products and in our services, improving with the commitment and awareness of all those who belong to this organization, as well as learning daily to achieve this satisfaction.

The development of a quality management system has been essential in strengthening the trust that customers have put in our organization.


The quality system efficiency of PLÁSTICOS AYB DENSIDAD, S. A. depends on the unconditional support of all our employees. The staff of Plásticos AyB Densidad, S.A. is concerned about quality, making a continuous and daily

 effort in their work place.


The management and all our employees are committed to achieve the highest degree of efficiency in our work and a continuous improvement of our activities by revising and correcting our mistakes, avoiding the emergence of them and setting new objectives of improvement.


All this will be obtained by the constant improvement of the quality in our products and services, offering a professional service and with the utmost speed.


To this end, we are committed to:

  • Understand and comply with the requirements specified by our clients and, in particular, with the legislation and regulations in force.
  • Detect and correct our mistakes and avoid their appearance, to obtain a prominent level of excellence in our work
  • Report the problems that we detect, suggesting and applying improvements
  • Apply evaluation mechanisms that drive to corrections and successive innovations
  • Ensure the constant sanitation of the administrative-financial system of our company
  • Implement technical and human resources to improve the technical, safety and environmental conditions of our jobs.

Cuenca, 2nd of January 2019

Carlos Rodríguez Gago

General Manager