Blank standard waste collection bags

53 x 60 cm (Basura / Trash)

85 x 106 cm (Comunidad / Community)

105 x 102 cm (Carro / Trolley)

115 x 150 cm (Contenedor / Container)

Special printed and not-printed bags

Variety of colours and thicknesses tailor-made. Presented in rolls and bags.

Grocery bags, anonymous and customized

35 x 50 cm.

40 x 50 cm

50 x 60 cm

We tailor-make your bags printed as your wish.

Film - packaging - agricultural and construction


All film and bags are recyclable

Custom-made manufacturing

Besides the standard products that you can find in our catalogue, we can deliver your order under your own specifications. Please, ask for a quotation without any obligation.

High quality and trust